GoReport® is transforming onsite surveying and report generation, saving 50% of report writing time

Digital Site Notes

  • GoReport's on site inspections software saves you time by automating many admin tasks. 
  • Capture text, dictation, images, maps and more, digitally. 
  • Upload from your iPad to your account, whilst reporting on site. 
  • Access your survey reports through your desktop browser reflect, edit, preview for free.
  • Publish your on site surveys to PDF, MS Word, Excel or Zip.

Reduce Errors

  • Use and customise popular reporting templates from our free Public Library.
  • Auto image and dictation indexing are just two of the key features of GoReport which can help reduce errors. 
  • Automatically tag your images and dictation to the required section of the report, saving you the task of finding them later and importing them to the correct places.
RICS HomeBUyers Surveys


  • RICS HomeBuyer Surveys available now GoReport's iPad software. 
  • Capture data on your iPad in the approved HomeBuyer Survey templates whilst onsite.
  • Save time on admin and on site report writing - start today!
  • Read the white paper on "The Mobile Future of Building Surveying"  

12 out of the top 20 UK surveying firms are now working with GoReport

What our customers say...

“GoReport reduced our surveying and report generation time by some 50%” ... Read more

Dave Cheshire

Regional Director


"We started using GoReport looking for a more efficient way of undertaking various surveys" ... Read more

James Baker

Chartered Building Surveyor at Alps

Alps Group

“GoReport reduced our surveying and report generation time by some 50%” ... Read more

Mark O'Leary

Associate Building Surveyor


The on site surveying and inspections software App.

Centralise the management of your surveys, reports and templates with our Cloud based iPad and Web Apps.

GoReport is the innovative onsite reporting software for site professionals who carry out any type of written reports including inspections, surveys, valuations and assessments, on a regular basis.

Traditional ways of collecting data and writing reports can involve duplicating, inefficient and non billable admin tasks. These include, re-typing your own hand written notes, importing and searching for images, locating and transcribing dictation, locating handwritten measurement data and much more. The output report you ultimately need to create for your client, is a digital document, so GoReport's Surveying Apps allows you to collect survey data digitally, on site with the most efficient, customised template possible for each type of report. Whatever type of survey, assessment or inspection you need, GoReport® will improve your report writing efficiency and save you and your company time and money.


What are the benefits of GoReport’s mobile surveying software?

Productivity iPad surveying productivity

  • GoReport® is transforming onsite surveying and report generation, saving up to 50% of report writing time.
  • GoReport improves the efficiency of non billable admin tasks allowing more time for reflective thinking. 
    As a RICS member you can carry our RICS complaint homebuyers survey on your iPad via GoReport’s Apps.
  • Auto image & dictation tagging helps you turnaround reports in half the time.
  • Use Apple's "Siri' functionality for instant voice to text.
  • Improve productivity and increase revenue by up to 40%.
  • Deliver surveys and reports to your clients up to 70% faster.
  • Capture dictation, text, photos, video, location, laser measurements and sketches whilst on location.
  • Edit, customise and produce professionally formatted reports automatically.
  • Centrally manage and implement version control to all of your templates, for all your surveyors.
  • Dramatically reduce your non billable admin time  


Workflow Workflow onsite surveying

Easy set up

GoReport does not need any software installation, special set up or particular IT requirements.  Simply go to iTunes or the Apple App store and download our free app to your desktop and iPad – and that’s it.

Public library of templates

Not only can we build and replicate your own company’s report template, but as a registered user you can also access our public library of templates, free of charge when you sign into the web app.  We have many license free templates ranging from Building Surveys to Dilapidation Reports to Schedule of Conditions, which you can amend and save down to your own account.

Free preview

Once you’ve finished editing your report in the Web App you can "Preview" the Report as a Draft PDF for free, as many times as you need, until you are happy to finalise and “Publish” your final report.


You can access our library of tutorial videos to help you get started.

Training, Template Building and Transcription. CPD training


We offer various packages and levels of training for our iPad and Web Applications, depending on your needs as a surveying company. Some we can provide for free and some prices range from £50 - £395. Full details on our training are here.

Template Building

We can create your own custom template for your reports with our template builder on the web application, or have our specialised template writing team create a bespoke template built for you, with your own fonts, logo, layout and style. For more information click here.


GoReport offers you flexible and easy transcription options for all of your captured audio.
Full details are here.


Compatible Accessories

The latest compatible accessories. GoReport also sell various tried and tested accessories to enhance the onsite surveying process. 

Cloud computing with GoReport


Data protection and privacy

  • GoReport adheres to strict data security codes of practise –
    - ISO 27001:2005 (Information Security)
    - ASEA 3402 Type II (Service Organisation Control)
    - ISO 14001:2002 (Environmental Management)



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