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You can now produce reports in half the time or less as our solutions eliminate all the typical administration tasks associated with traditional survey report generation.  By the time you finish capturing site data on your iPad, your report is already formatted with all your information and photographs included in the relevant sections under the appropriate headings of the report. This results in 100% more productivity and allows you to focus on what you do best – surveying.

"Turnaround of reports is significantly quicker as 75% of the work is done by the time I leave the property and it’s also very cost-effective."

Brendan Neely BA (Hons) MRICS

Chartered Valuation Surveyor

Aspire Surveyors


"We would definitely recommend GoReport as a positive business tool that will save time and money."

Sean Oragano


Building Surveying Solutions


Effortlessly eliminate errors.

Our solutions are designed and structured to provide a logical progression through the surveying and reporting process, meaning that there is less chance of making mistakes. Each solution easily identifies incomplete areas that need further input and attention, which reduces the risk of accidentally missing important information.

Everything is clear and you no longer need to worry about deciphering difficult to read handwriting. All photographs are correctly sequenced and automatically inserted into the correct sections of the reports removing the risk of error.

"I wanted a clear and concise way of recording all the data that prompted the user to record it so that information wasn’t missed or forgotten."

Tom Mason MRICS ACIArb

RICS Registered Valuer

Neil Mason Associates


"Using a single device to capture all the necessary data means there is little room for errors and administration tasks are more than halved."

Shaun Cosy


Cosey Homes

St.Helen’s, Merseyside

Controlled centrally for consistency.

Using our solutions ensures that all company surveyors are producing a consistent level of reporting from an agreed, yet individually flexible, corporate foundation.

GoReport’s purpose built solutions ensure that all your reports have the same format structure and style, reflecting your corporate image.  Standard input formats for on-site data capture help achieve consistent results. All standard and custom response phrases are updated centrally, which means that only the latest regulatory terminology is used and that all your surveyors use consistent language.

"The GoReport platform appealed to us because it is adaptable and allowed us to keep on using our own survey reporting format."

Hugh Greenhouse FRICS

Managing Director

Homebuyer Online Limited


"I started using GoReport a couple of months ago and will never go back to the old system. The staff at GoReport couldn't have been more helpful in setting up my survey report, which is my own format."

John Hughes MRICS

Chartered Surveyor

Hughes Surveyors


Compliance is a breeze.

Our RICS HomeSurvey solutions are supported by a licensing agreement with RICS, which ensures that our reports follow the approved format, standards and practices. Our notes feature provides you with a comprehensive set of site notes for your own record and for any future auditing purposes if necessary.

"The ability to switch from text to notes and back again and attach photographs and sketches on-site enables me to capture all aspects of any defect I encounter and review these on my return to the office."

Christopher Kenton BSc FRICS

Director of Surveying

CPS Property


"The use of GoReport saves duplication and therefore time. It reduces the risk of omission and the video and note taking features add to the comprehensive evidence of the surveying process."

Geoff Palmer BSc DIPArb MRICS


Palmer Surveyors


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