Cut down survey time without cutting corners.

Tap, click, swipe and speak your way through onsite surveys.



You've got it in one.

Our mobile and web solutions have revolutionised the surveying process. Using an iPad to capture all relevant survey data is much easier than the cumbersome pen and paper method.

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Edit and Review

Save in the cloud.

Review in the office.

As soon as you connect to the Internet all of your data is automatically uploaded to the web and formatted to include your annotated photographs, sketches and costings. While reviewing, you will have the opportunity to tweak the report here and there if needed.

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Click to share.

As soon as you’re happy with the report, one click of the ‘Publish’ button will generate a professional company branded document in the format and style you want.

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Work onsite with or without a connection.

Our solutions work on-site without a connection. So you can capture all relevant data while offline and as soon as you connect to the Internet again all the information gathered will automatically be uploaded to the web.

Simple and secure.

Your data will be securely stored within the cloud using a leading ISO 27001 storage provider. You can access the solution whenever and wherever you need it; all you require is an iPad and an Internet browser. There’s no need to worry about installing disks and updates. We take care to make sure that you are kept up to date with the latest releases.

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