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We are continually developing a more comprehensive suite of solutions for the built environment, the early details of which are listed below. But we don’t create products in isolation. We genuinely welcome and encourage input from our customers. Receiving insightful, experienced feedback hastens the launch of truly useful, innovative products. That’s why we’ve set up our Pathfinder Programme – a respected body of knowledgeable contributors. If you’d like to take part and be among the first to benefit from our latest ingenuity, sign up by clicking the button below. In so doing you’ll be helping to develop the entire surveying industry and also gaining valuable insight into what’s around the corner, giving you a head start on your competitors.

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Upcoming Projects

Residential & Estate Agency

Party Wall
Where surveys are required in accordance with the Party Wall Act 1996.

Estate Agency Brochure
For preparing an Estate Agency Brochure containing dimensional, descriptive and photographic information following a survey.


Accessibility Survey
To survey legislative compliance and condition of Accessibility provision in properties.

A Schedule of Dilapidation is a report describing any defects present during or at the end of a Lease, where these breach the Lease terms, and details the repairs the Landlord considers necessary to return the property to a good state of repair in accordance with the Lease.

Fire Risk Assessment
Provides an assessment of the risk to life from fire in the premises and recommends actions to ensure compliance with legislation and best practice.

Asset & Facilities Management

M&E Asset Inspection
Detailed inspection and condition survey of specialist engineering services, often with maintenance and repair costings.

Conservation, Sustainability, Health & Safety

Operated by RICS, SKA Rating is an environmental assessment tool for sustainable fit-outs, often undertaken by a RICS-accredited SKA assessor.

BREEAM reports assess and rate the environmental performance of buildings to evaluate the building’s specification, design, construction and use against established benchmarks.

A Legionnaires survey is undertaken to help property owners, employers and landlords comply with Health and Safety legislation. It assesses and reports the risks of Legionaires Disease in a property, including a detailed survey of the engineering systems.

Valuation & Ratings

Divorce Settlement
Where professional survey and valuation of property is required as part of divorce proceedings.

Reinstatement Cost Assessment (RCA)
An RCA Survey, which is typically for insurance purposes captures and calculates the cost to rebuild the property. The assessment is usually carried out by a qualified surveyor who calculates the cost to rebuild the property either on an elemental basis or by application of a rate per square metre calculated from building statistics. The GoReport RCA is designed to be calculated on an elemental basis.

Portfolio Valuations
Where owners require individual and consolidated valuations across their property portfolio.

Probate Valuations
Where professional survey and valuation of property is required as part of a probate application.

Construction & Project Management

An iterative report detailing defects and shortcomings in construction work and their required resolution, either prior to handover or during the defects liability period.

Clerk of Works
A clerk of works report regularly captures that work is carried out properly and that health and safety rules are being followed on a construction project.

Meeting Notes
An iterative report capturing the attendees, minutes and actions on construction projects.

Pre-condition Surveys
Where a detailed survey of the existing condition of properties and assets is required prior to the commencement of refurbishment or new construction work is commenced.

Irish Assigned Certifier
Reports prepared during and at completion of construction projects by an Assigned Certifier in Ireland, as mandated under the Building Regulations.

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