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Summer 2018

GoReport Features Update

We stay ahead of the game so that you can too

The success of GoReport is no secret. By responding to what surveyors need and want we’ve created the UK’s favourite digital data-capture solution. What it takes to stay at the top is no secret either. We’re always exploring new ways to make GoReport even easier to use, while also introducing new upgrades and improved features to help you deliver greater efficiency and insight to your clients. Over the past few months we’ve been busy doing just that and have so many new improvements that we wanted to tell you about them all at once. This newsletter is designed to bring you up to speed. (To keep you ahead of speed, actually.)

Survey Data Capture

Feature Added Improvement Delivered
GoReport SmartPins
Link tabular data to floor plans and site layouts.

GoReport SmartPins allows you to link tabular data to specific locations on floor plans, site layouts, even 2D and 3D images. So no matter what type of survey, snagging, asset capture, condition or defect, your data is interactively linked to the floor plans. Simply touch the plan or picture and drop the linked ‘SmartPin’ to that location. When any SmartPin is pressed, the related survey data information can be displayed and reviewed, and because the visual plan and the detailed survey data is tightly integrated, you can edit or delete the row of data, or the push-pin, and both will stay in-sync. By providing the marked-up layout and survey report to your client, they can instantly locate the information and enjoy the benefits of integrated survey plans and data.
Clear a defined table sort order To help surveyors check and QA their data whilst still on site, data tables can be sorted using any column, just like Excel. Then the user can easily revert to view the original order of data.
New interface to allow searching and reordering of selected predefined responses Improved navigation allows users to search and find the pre-defined response more quickly. This will speed up the time taken to capture data onsite.
Option to not save photos to the Camera Roll Users can now choose whether they wish photos to be saved to the device camera role or just saved in their GoReport survey. Frees up iPad storage space without compromising functionality.
Split-screen multi-tasking on devices that support it View site plans etc. without leaving the GoReport app. This delivers improved efficiencies during data capture phase.
Clone a report Users can now clone (copy) a report on site, without needing access to the web editor. Particularly useful when floors or areas of a building are similar and being surveyed by multiple surveyors. This will speed up the time taken to capture data onsite.
Include tables in report item navigation User can swipe straight into a table during data capture rather than having to select it. This allows intuitive flow of using the software on site.
Report upload process now more robust New technology embedded in GoReport makes the upload of reports to the cloud more resilient. This substantially reduces the chances of failed uploads, whilst keeping you fully informed of progress and confirming successful upload.
Improved clarity of controls on image attachment viewer User can see the editing controls regardless of the picture’s background colour, making GoReport easier to use.
Updated GoReport support information Helpdesk contact updated to resolve issues faster.

Edit & Review

Feature Added Improvement Delivered
Bulk update of report references (renamed from settings) References (previously called settings) can be amended across multiple reports by making changes to just one. This improvement delivers additional efficiencies to users, particularly when dealing with multiple surveys and property portfolios.
Global search for users, templates and reports Easier and quicker to find a report. This improvement delivers additional efficiencies to users.
Transcription values can now be put into notes In response to user requests, transcribed audio can be added to notes rather than a report item. This provides users with improved flexibility of use when editing the final report.


Feature Added Improvement Delivered
Variety of charts and graphs available in PDF output Attractive visual representation of data allows users to provide their end clients with a much improved visually attractive report.
Macro-enabled Excel template Excel export can sort data into a formatted and branded output. This major area of improvement enables us to deliver sophisticated Excel report books that analyse and present data from a survey in the exact format a customer desires. This can include graphs and charts as well as summary and detailed information.
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Seeing is believing

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