GoReport revolutionised Malcolm Hollis. But don’t just take our word for it.

Malcolm Hollis is well known to most and respected by all. Their standards are impeccable, as is their reputation within the surveying industry.

We spoke to Andrew Salton, one of their senior Partners, earlier this year, about how his team have used GoReport to improve the way they work.


“Last year we decided to trial some technology solutions and see how they might fit with Malcolm Hollis. We are a leading consultancy and cannot afford to be behind the times when it comes to adding value and providing the best service to our clients. I had serious doubts that GoReport would serve our needs. I am not naturally much of a techie and I feared it would be complicated, restrictive and ‘tick-boxy’ to a point where we could not do what we needed to and in a way that suited our approach. So, we simultaneously trialled a few of the available reporting solutions on the market so we could understand for ourselves exactly what the pros and cons are, the differences between and if any would be of value to us.

We started with the Planned Maintenance or PPM solution and quickly discovered that GoReport was intuitive, relatively easy to use and did most of what we needed “out of the box” for our planned maintenance schedules. With some tailoring to the data, the schedule of rates, the terminology in some cases and some formatted outputs, just maybe we could really make this work.

It became apparent very quickly that the time saving was MASSIVE. Another key benefit to me as a surveyor is it improves my ability to review my work. Instead of spending hours sorting details and photos, etc., I can immediately see the output of my work, reflect whilst it is still fresh in my mind and adjust as I see fit, both then and even later after a good night’s sleep. Technology has not removed my ability to be a surveyor, it helps to quickly return information so I can be a better surveyor. There are other advantages in the consistency and accuracy of the entire team working from one common schedule of rates for costings for an initial baseline which we can then adjust.

All in all, the benefits were becoming clear and the GoReport team was brilliant in listening to us and incorporating those fine tunings that made this nothing like the clunky, tick boxy and restrictive tool that I feared it would be in the beginning of this journey.

The time taken to realise the true capabilities was less than 12 weeks and that was a bit extended because we were trialling multiple packages at the same time. I am now in the process of introducing this to our offices around the country and the work done by the initial discovery team makes this round of implementation go even quicker.

We are now finalising Risk Assessments, Schedule of Condition and in the next week or so will be adding on the Reinstatement Cost Assessment. I have absolutely no plans to ever go back to paper and pencil as my method of surveying on-site. I can say that since November I have used the iPad technology for all my needs on site.

To my colleagues in the industry, from a non-techie, I can say that technology will play a vital role in delivering value to your customers. From me to you I recommend that you take your own leap of faith, your own discovery and find out first hand and for yourself if and how and why technology can help you. I am glad we did so here at Malcolm Hollis and I suspect you will be happy as well.

Andrew Salton, Partner, Malcolm Hollis, April 2017

Seeing is believing

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