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Your Digital Solution for Intelligent Surveying

GoReport is a leading provider of digital surveying software to the entire built environment, driving greater efficiency and more effective reporting solutions.

Built for surveyors

Discover how GoReport mobile data capture can increase the efficiency and productivity of your business.


New Off-the-Shelf Survey Reports

High quality reports, each with their own relevant data capture templates.

How it works, in 3 simple steps



Using an iPad or iPhone you can quickly and easily capture all relevant data on site.


Edit & Review

Once connected to the Internet all your data is automatically uploaded to the web and formatted ready for review and editing.



Once complete, just click 'Publish' to produce a professional branded document in the format you and your clients need.

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  • Residential

  • Commercial

  • Fire

  • Insurance

  • M&E


Our unique range of residential survey solutions enables you to carry out detailed surveys and generate quality reports for residential properties in less than half the usual turnaround time.

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Our solution offers a comprehensive range of report types for commercial surveying, recording the condition of commercial properties and generating reports in less than half the usual turnaround time.

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Owners, occupiers, landlords and employers of a property must ensure they comply with the fire safety building regulations. GoReport provide a range of fire inspection reporting solutions.

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Professional reporting solutions from an initial insurance claim assessment right through to a property is reinstated, for example, fire damage, water damage, flood damage, escape water damage and impact damage.


GoReport professional electronic reports present data in an easy to read format managing hundreds of thousands of rows of data providing detailed inspection and condition survey of specialist engineering services.

"GoReport’s state of the art software is highly intuitive, simple to use and designed specifically for the property sector."

Structural Surveys, Managing Director, Andrew Russell

One Solution


Quality Output


One Solution

One Solution Fits All

Our software is intuitive, flexible, configurable and overall fit for purpose for each type of survey and inspection undertaken. The digital solution is adaptable and provides a range of industry professions from Fire Safety, Social Housing and Insurance.


Streamline your organisation

Whether you are a sole trader or global enterprise, reporting standards are the same and maintaining consistent look and feel can be a challenge. GoReport digital solution can be customised to your own style, producing seamless reports or get up and running quickly with our library of off -the-shelf report templates.

Quality Output

Be confident with quality outputs

The quality of our reports is what differentiates GoReport. Surveying should be a seamless process and conducted with confidence knowing outputs will be of optimal quality every single time.


Increase productivity

With productivity proving a persistent issue in most organisations, technology and how data is captured has an even greater part to play in the profession.

It has been proven you can reduce the overall survey production time by at least 50% with GoReport Digital Surveying Solution. Knowing this why would you continue to use outdated methods over an efficient, accurate and reliable solution?


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Rapid data entry

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Spend more time focusing on the survey inspection

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Provide more meaningful and easy to interpret results

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Create an attractive easy to follow report layout

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Link information to a specific location on images, plans + site layouts

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Eliminate reporting error

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Paperless site surveys with voice to text notetaking

Palmers Surveyors

"I just couldn’t go back to the old days of working with pen, paper and a Dictaphone. Surveyors need GoReport in their lives!"

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Proud to work with independent and world leading Digital Surveying Professionals

Developed and refined in collaboration with customers, our surveying solutions streamline real-world reporting. There are no better recommendations than from surveyors who rely on our app solutions as an essential work tool.

We are proud to work with many prestigious companies.

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