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Tailored software up and running in days


Omega Surveying Services is a Dublin-based building surveying and project management business working with commercial and residential management companies and receivers.


Omega Surveying Services


Project Management

Within days, GoReport had reformatted the templates on their system to match our exact needs.


Omega Surveying Services Is known for providing reports that give clear, comprehensive advice and key information to help clients make informed decisions quickly when they are up against tight completion deadlines.

Customer Need

Kevin saw GoReport at a conference and quickly recognised the value the software could add to his business by helping him capture data more efficiently on site and easily collate photos into the appropriate project file. He knew it would transform his business, but only if it could be tweaked to suit the way he worked.

Measurable Outcome

GoReport was implemented quickly with support from the customer success team. Templates were adapted to fit Omega’s precise criteria. Omega experienced a dramatic uplift in on-site efficiency and quicker, consistent report generation. As a result, reports were completed in less time with fewer errors. By streamlining their on-sate data capture and reporting they have been able to take on more work and increase turnover.

Kevin Hollingsworth of Omega said: “We’re keen to continue to collaborate with GoReport in the future and have a few more ideas for Omega-specific templates.”

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